Miners visit girl they rescued under rubble in 248th hour

Miners visit girl they rescued under rubble in 248th hour

Miners visit girl they rescued under rubble in 248th hour

Miners who rescued Aleyna Ölmez from under the rubble 248 hours after the quake have visited her at the hospital, where her treatment is ongoing.

Serdar Erman Kütükçü, the leader of the search and rescue team consisting of miners, stated that they were very pleased to see Aleyna happy and healthy.

“We are going through a psychologically difficult process, but after seeing Aleyna, we will continue to hold on to life in a stronger way again,” Kütükçü expressed.

Sharing the moments of rescuing Aleyna, Kütükçü stated that the happiness and pride of saving someone days later still continues for them.

“We were among the rubble for six days. We were continuing our work with a team of eight to 10 people in the wreckage where Aleyna was found. We were lifting concrete blocks with buckets and searching for someone who still lives under them,” Kütükçü explained.

“In the first place, we saw Aleyna’s feet. After that, we immediately called an ambulance. That happiness, and pride remains with us,” he said.

Miner Hüseyin Toksöz said, “I was the first person to see Aleyna under the rubble. Everything stopped at that moment when I saw her. I called out to stop other colleagues and sent our friend Murat to Aleyna.”

Murat Karaman, another member of the team, also said, “When we went to Aleyna and saw that she was breathing, we were incredibly happy. A ramp was in the area, and I don’t even remember how we got to her in seconds. When my supervisor and I came eye to eye, tears of joy flowed. We are incredibly happy to see her smile.”

Providing information about Aleyna’s health condition, doctor Necdet Ünüvar stated that the young girl’s health condition was good in general.

“We throw Aleyna together with the search and rescue team. It was a short, but very emotional meeting. Our miner brothers gave flowers to Aleyna. Aleyna also asked us to prepare a plaque for them. We prepared it and they mutually conveyed their thanks. Aleyna is grateful for the efforts made to rescue her from under the rubble,” Ünüvar said.

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