MHP leader warns Greece against ‘testing’ Turkey

MHP leader warns Greece against ‘testing’ Turkey

MHP leader warns Greece against ‘testing’ Turkey

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli has warned Greece against attempting a power play with Turkey and said the country is capable of reaching a “new triumph” against its neighbor.

“The constant opportunism of Greece shows that it is rapidly advancing towards becoming a rogue state. This hired servant state, which embraces the PKK and FETÖ, must immediately stop testing our patience further,” Bahçeli said, speaking at his party’s parliament meeting.

Greece should not rely too much on the warplanes it bought from France, Bahçeli stated.

“No one should flex its muscles against us or make cowardly threats. The Aegean will either be a sea of peace and tranquility, or the Turkish nation will know how to sign a new victory with their blood or their lives,” he said.

The Greek foreign minister’s statement that “we must resist the Turkish provocations” is a challenge, Bahçeli stated.

The MHP leader also said Turkey would be able to overcome the high inflation pressure.

“We will not oppress any of our citizens to this monster,” he said.

Separately, Bahçeli also welcomed the increase in civil servants and pensions announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

“It is pleasing that none of our retirees will receive a salary below 2,500 [Turkish] liras. Hopefully, interest, inflation and exchange rates will decrease to reasonable levels in the coming months,” he added.