MHP leader proposes 14 regulations

MHP leader proposes 14 regulations

MHP leader proposes 14 regulations

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chair Devlet Bahçeli proposed 14 regulations for strengthening legislative, executive and judicial activities in accordance with the “spirit” of the Presidential Government System.

Speaking to Etikhaber on Jan. 13, Bahçeli requested the amendment of the Political Parties Law, the necessary arrangements in the Election Law, the enactment of the Political Ethics Law, the abolition of parliamentary immunity except for certain situations, and the enactment of the Mental Health Law.

Recalling for amendment of Political Parties Law, Bahçeli said it should be ensured that every political party was given the right to determine its organizational structure, and state aid conditions to political parties should be rearranged while the trade ban provisions of political parties should be clarified, implemented and audited meticulously.

The country election threshold should be lowered to a reasonable level and should be applied if political parties form an alliance, Bahçeli said.

The election system of local administrations should be made compatible with the Presidential Government System, he said, asking the conditions for candidacy for parliament and for mayoralty to be reviewed.

The number of election districts determined according to the number of deputies to be issued by the provinces should be rearranged, Bahçeli said, noting that there was no point in too much narrowing of the electoral circles.

Bahçeli also called for the Political Ethics Law to be enacted, saying that ethical rules should be established for deputies to change their parties.

Parliamentary immunity should be removed except for certain situations but a change in Article 83 of the constitution is required for this, Bahçeli said, adding that if the constitutional amendment was not possible, the files for the removal of immunities, many of which were prepared due to separatism activities and pending in the parliament, should be processed immediately.

Professional organizations and higher organizations with the quality of public institutions should be ensured to operate within the framework determined by the constitution, Bahçeli also said.

Public opinion polls and researchers who manipulate the public opinion and present false, misleading or incomplete information for the purpose of manipulating or influencing public opinion should be prevented, he stated.

The Constitutional Court should be made compatible with the Presidential Government System, Bahceli said, adding that the basic Public Administration Law and the Administrative Procedure Law should be enacted.