Mariza in Istanbul

Mariza in Istanbul

Mariza in Istanbul Some 14 years ago, a young singer released her debut album. Few would have ventured the journey she was then beginning would take her so far away from home for so long. Not even after that record, 2001’s “Fado em Mim,” became a runaway success.

The journey encompassed all that followed. Four other albums (“Fado Curvo,” “Transparente,” “Terra” and “Fado Tradicional”), three live recordings (“Live in London,” “Concerto em Lisboa” and “Terra em Concerto”), a triumphant greatest hits album (“Best Of”), countless international tours and concerts in some of the most prestigious venues around the world, numerous global awards and decorations... And in so doing, Mariza’s journey took her beyond her wildest dreams.

 “Mundo” is a travelogue, a diary, a record of a journey, from Cape Verde to Spain, from Argentina to Portugal. All of it is present in Mariza’s astonishing vocal and emotional range, a voice that shortens distances, folds time, makes the world smaller and brings it closer. Her voice and her songs tell of “our” world, the world of music, of emotions, of Fado and all the styles swirling around it. But they also tell of her world – a world that has grown in the past five years, enriched by new landscapes, new places, new people and new influences. This is the world “Mundo” gives us.

Produced by Grammy award winner Javier Limón, Mariza’s long awaited album “Mundo” is her first album in five years. 

Mariza will make Turkish debut at the Cemal Reşit Rey (CRR) Concert Hall with her “Mundo” tour on April 8. She speaks to Hürriyet Daily News about her life story and her music before the concert. 

Q: Can you tell us your latest album “Mundo”? 

A: “Mundo” is a combination of songs that were written specifically for me. The writers and composers are close friends of mine that are also part of my musical world. Javier is a special person that connects with me when it comes to the music world. I love to work with him. His creative process, his humor and his passion for music are both exciting and contagious. “Mundo” is a world of sounds, that if I had to compare it, I would say it’s an extension the “Terra” album.

Q: We have mostly listened to your Portuguese songs during your career but this time you also recorded a beautiful song in Spanish called “Alma.” What is the reaction of the singing in Spanish in Portugal?

A: Singing in Spanish has its own charisma and “Alma,” a song written by Javier Limón, resonated with me in a special way.  There were mixed reactions in Portugal, but at the same time I received very positive response from the Latin world, which was very exciting.

Q: You have been honored with plenty of awards. Which moment is unforgettable in your musical career?

A: The most important things are not the awards, but it’s always a big honor to receive an award. The most important things are to reach different cultures in the world with my music and to be able to present my culture to the world. An unforgettable moment was when I understood the audience understood my music and enjoyed my way of singing.

Q: We know you have been to Istanbul a few times before. What are your memories from that visit? 

A: It is a city I enjoy a lot; it is a very multi-cultured city but at the same time it reminds me of my own town, Lisbon.

Q: What do you think about Turkish music? Who are your favorite singers?

A: Actually I don’t know much about Turkish music. From the little that I know, I would love to sing with a Turkish orchestra. 

Q: You shared the same stage with Lenny Kravitz, Miguel Poveda, Tito Paris, Peter Gabriel, Youssou N’Dour, among others. Will you continue these kinds of projects? 

A: These projects are not planned. There has to be a musical symbiosis.

Q: What are the upcoming projects for Mariza after the “Mundo” album?

A: For now I have to take this very recent album “Mundo” to the world, and only later will I work on other projects.

Q: What kind of repertoire should we expect at the April 8 CRR concert? What do you hope people take away from your performance?

A: It’s a repertoire that has a little of all my albums but it is based on the most recent one “Mundo.”