Man who opened fire at Gezi protests detained

Man who opened fire at Gezi protests detained

ISTANBUL - Hurriyet Daily News
Man who opened fire at Gezi protests detained

A man in a white shirt is seen pulling out a gun. DHA Photo

A man who was caught on camera firing his gun into open at July 8 Gezi Park protests is currently detained, according to Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu. 

The man was seen opening fire following an argument with fleeing Gezi protesters, who were trying to escape police forces during last night’s harsh intervention.

The man has earlier interrupted an argument between an unidentified woman and protesters, taking the women’s side, and becoming involved with the group. He then opened fire into the air. 

Governor Mutlu tweeted several hours after, stating that police forces have detained the man. 

The incident came days after public discontent with the release of four suspects, known as “the machete men,” who were freed after brief procedures, despite visual proof showing one of the suspects attacking a female Gezi protester with a machete. 

The footage showing S.Ç kicking a woman while hitting her with a machete caused public uproar, and the suspect’s personal information was released immediately on social media for accountability. Despite popular demand for his punishment, S.Ç. was released by court hours after detainment.