Man turns waste into sculptures of endangered animals

Man turns waste into sculptures of endangered animals

Man turns waste into sculptures of endangered animals

A man turns wooden and metal objects dumped on the streets into sculptures of endangered animals to raise awareness about nature and the environment.

For the past few years, the 48-year old artist Müslüm Özcan, living in Turkey’s northwestern Edirne province, has been cruising streets and industrial districts to collect materials to be used in art pieces.

Collecting waste materials also from scrap dealers for many years, Özcan turns them into metal sculptures of endangered animals at his own art studio.

Noting that his aim is to explain the importance of the environment and recycling, he sends out a message that waste could be used in a meaningful way.

Stressing that artists have been using their workshops to produce art during COVID-19 days, Özcan said artists cannot stay idle.

“I also made sculptures made of metal that I had accumulated over the years and bought from scrap dealers,” he added.

The artist emphasized that the COVID-19 outbreak is a lesson for nature protection and people’s sensitivity to nature.

“We destroy our world with our own hands. Unconscious pesticide use and uncontrolled industry are destroying nature and animals. We kill very important animals that have contributed to us. Many insect species, such as bees, are at risk of extinction,” said Özcan, adding that the purpose of bringing animal figures to the fore is to raise awareness.

“COVID-19 taught us the need to protect nature very well. My aim in making these sculptures is to raise awareness of the damage done to nature and to show that waste materials can turn into art,” he added.