Man saves calf with kiss of life

Man saves calf with kiss of life

Man saves calf with kiss of life

A shepherd in the Black Sea province of Tokat has saved the life of a newborn calf that was unable to breathe after being born by administering CPR, giving it the kiss of life.

According to footage taken by a mobile phone and uploaded on social media, one of the cows of Şahbaz Gül, a shepherd living in the Kapıcı village of the Almus district, gave birth to a calf.

But the calf, born some 21 days before the expected date, was not breathing.

As soon as Gül noticed the situation, he intervened and performed CPR on the baby animal to save its life.

The footage, showing the calf breathing in a short time, drew the attention of social media users.

Some called Gül a “hero,” while some named him a “doctor of the uplands.”

The calf is in good condition, Gül said, replying to people who were worried about the animal’s state of health.

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