Man never gives up his dream of supporting children

Man never gives up his dream of supporting children

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Man never gives up his dream of supporting children

A man who could not realize his dream of becoming a teacher due to financial difficulties extends a helping hand to village schools with the Book and Children’s Association he founded.

Though Ahmet Yerlikaya residing in the eastern province of Kahramanmaraş, could not study in a university to realize his biggest dream, he never gives up being in the world of education.

Within the scope of the projects of the Book and Children’s Association, which he founded with his mother and wife five years ago, Yerlikaya provides necessities such as books, boots and coats to children in need.

If required, Yerlikaya participates in whitewashing and renovation work of schools.

Initially limited to schools in Kahramanmaraş, these aid projects eventually included disadvantaged children and schools in different provinces of the country.

“I bought various books for my nephews at a very affordable price at a book fair held by Kahramanmaraş Municipality in 2016,” Yerlikaya explained the story of the beginning of his project.

“I also bought and distributed books to the children in my village’s school. Then, when I thought we should give it to the neighboring village schools, I found myself wandering around the village handing out books,” he explained.

Thinking that if they unite and work in an association, they can reach wider masses, Yerlikaya established the association with his family and friends.

“I felt regretful about not studying in a university and becoming a teacher, but I realized that it is not necessary to be a teacher to touch the hearts of children,” Yerlikaya pointed out.

“A boy I gave a book to once is always waiting for the day when I will visit to his school,” he added.

Providing information regarding the charity activities carried out by the association so far, Yerlikaya stated that 23 village schools were painted and repaired and lots of libraries were established in 26 village schools.

Approximately 128,000 books and science magazines were presented to children in various village schools in Türkiye, while the association organized technology, science, art and sports workshop activities in 12 village schools.

The association provides about 6,400 boots and coats to children in need.

Thanks to the donations collected by the association, 11 students who are successful but not in a good financial situation have been provided with scholarships.