Man dies suspiciously during hair transplant

Man dies suspiciously during hair transplant

Man dies suspiciously during hair transplant

A man has died suspiciously while having a hair transplant operation in a private hospital in Istanbul.

İbrahim Gül, 28, working as a hairdresser in Italy, returned to Istanbul to have a hair transplant operation and buy supplies for his shop.

Going under an operation in a hospital in the Bağcılar district, Gül suddenly collapsed while the hair transplant was in progress and eventually lost his life.

While Gül’s body was taken to the morgue of the forensic medicine institution for autopsy, hospital officials initially claimed that he died of a heart attack.

The police detained Mehmet Albayrak, the doctor who performed the hair transplant.

“When the patient mentioned a chest pain during the hair transplant procedure, we stopped the operation immediately,” Albayrak said in his statement at the police station.

Following his interrogation, Albayrak was arrested by an Istanbul court on the charge of “causing death by negligence.”

No official statement has been made by the hospital yet.

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