Man becomes first Turkish groom on Kastellorizo

Man becomes first Turkish groom on Kastellorizo

Yorgo Kırbaki - ATHENS
Man becomes first Turkish groom on Kastellorizo

In a first-time event, Yorgia Karidoyani, who runs a fish restaurant on the Greek island of Kastellorizo, one of the critical regions of tensions in Turkish-Greek relations in recent years, has married a Turkish man.

Kerem Ercüment, a boat mechanic, and Karidoyani, the owner of the restaurant named Athina located on Kastellorizo island, opposite to the southern province of Antalya’s Kaş district, got married after their three year relationship.

Following Karidoyani and Ercüment meeting in 2019 on the island, they got into a relationship after a while.

Residing in Türkiye during the pandemic, the couple returned to the island and married in February.

Pointing out she was against Turks in a quite radical way before their relationship, Karidoyani said she prepared his coffee with non-potable tap water when Ercüment came to her restaurant.

“One day he took my hand and opened his heart. Then, everything changed,” Karidoyani said.

“In my family, only my grandfather was not against this relationship, but they softened when they noticed our love,” she added.

“I said to Kerem, ‘If anyone wants to do anything to you, they will have me to deal with.’”

Ercüment is currently working at Karidoyani’s restaurant.

Hurigül Bakırcı from Kaş was the first Turkish bride, who married ten years ago, on the island.

The island lies roughly 2 kilometers (1 mile) off the south coast of Türkiye and about 570 kilometers (354 miles) southeast of Athens.

Nearby islets between Türkiye and Kastellorizo were subject to dispute between Italy and Türkiye until 1932. According to the 1932 Convention, all these islets except Ro, Strongyli and Psomi were assigned to Türkiye.

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