Mammoth Ottoman carpet restored

Mammoth Ottoman carpet restored

AKSARAY - Anadolu Agency
Mammoth Ottoman carpet restored

After the restoration, the carpet was displayed in front of the Sultanhanı, the largest Seljuk caravanserai in Anatolia. AA photo

A historical Ottoman carpet has been restored by a team of 10 in the Central Anatolian province of Aksaray’s Sultanhanı district, considered the world’s largest carpet restoration center.

The restoration of the 120-square-meter Hereke carpet went on for 18 months.

Sultanhanı Mayor Fahri Solak said the restoration of the 19th-century carpet had been made in the ateliers in the district.

“The carpet was in the care of the Istanbul Governor’s Office. During the restoration of the Governor’s Office building, a painting was found by the governor at the time, Hüseyin Avni Mutlu. The painting featured the table, fireplace and a carpet in the building. The table and fireplace still existed there but the carpet was lost. Then it turned out that the carpet was given to the Dolmabahçe Palace 20 years ago and kept in a depot. Mutlu took out the carpet and got in touch with us for its restoration,” Solak said.

The largest carpet in Turkey is a 400-square-meter Hereke carpet currently at Yıldız Palace in Istanbul, but the one restored in Aksaray could be one of the country's five largest.

After the restoration, the carpet was displayed in front of the “Sultanhanı,” the largest Seljuk caravanserai in Anatolia, and is set to returned to Istanbul.