Main opposition CHP hosted an int’l economy workshop

Main opposition CHP hosted an int’l economy workshop

Main opposition CHP hosted an int’l economy workshop

CHP hosted an economy panel with the participation of 40 high profile international economists. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu (C) made a keynote speech.

Kemal Derviş, who served as economy minister after Turkey’s 2001 economic crisis and the former head of the United Nations Development Program, will be the moderator of the workshop, Kılıçdaroğlu said. “I hope we’ll reach good conclusions to share with you all.”

“Social democrats aim at realizing sustainable growth for the good of all in a stable manner everywhere in the world … so as to achieve more equal income distribution, stability and sustainability. A country cannot improve in the long term if it grows at around an annual rate of 8 percent, but can only grow 2 percent or less in the following year. Turkey grew in a very good manner in the past, but this growth should be sustainable. This requires stability,” said Derviş. 

He said Turkey could become extremely successful if it can develop good relations with the whole world. 
“We’ll discuss solutions here. We have gathered people with social democracy tendencies to find [a better way],” he said. 

The main themes to be discussed at the round table discussions in the workshop were scheduled “The world economy,” “The conditions of fast growth” and “Europe’s future.”