Long-lost watermarked Ottoman banknote found

Long-lost watermarked Ottoman banknote found

ISTANBUL – Anadolu Agency
Long-lost watermarked Ottoman banknote found

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A 50-kuruş, watermarked Ottoman banknote, the existence of which has been discussed for more than a century, has been found among banknotes sent by a collector for valuation. The banknote is dated 1876. 

Numismatist Mehmet Tezçakın, a consultant to a London-based international auction company, said that a collector based in Germany had sent him some Ottoman banknotes for valuation. 

About examining the banknote and seeing the watermark, Tezçakın said, “I was very excited when I saw it. It has been said for more than a century that watermarked-banknotes were printed in the Ottoman era but we have never found them. All numismatists in the world want to have this banknote. Watermarking was forbidden in the Ottoman era due to religion the; that is why it cannot be seen in other banknotes…Under the light, it is seen that this banknote has a crescent-shaped-moon portrait. Its nose and eyebrows resemble Abdulhamid II.” 

He said that with the permission of the collector in Germany, he has publicized the banknote. 

“This priceless piece will be put up for sale abroad soon. Particularly, U.S., Arab and Israeli collectors will show interest in it. This most valuable banknote of Turkish finance history should be brought to Turkey and displayed at a monetary museum,” he added.