Local Vodafone unit grows rapidly on ‘Turkish recipe’

Local Vodafone unit grows rapidly on ‘Turkish recipe’

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Vittorio Colao, the chief executive of the mobile company Vodafone Group said Vodafone Turkey is one of the fastest-growing operations so far, as he underlined its success, calling it the “Turkish Recipe.”

“The market share of Vodafone increased to about 28 percent from 18 percent in terms of revenues with record increases in revenues during the three years. It has become the most recommended mobile operator among consumers,” he told the Anatolia news agency. Colao came to Turkey to participate in the 7th Investment Advisory Council held on May 10 and 11.

Vodafone Group is the world’s second largest mobile telecommunications company which is headquartered in London, England.

“The Turkish market presents a good potential for international investors in general terms,” he said.

He also stated that he is satisfied to see high number of human resources and a quality work force in Turkey. The tax collected form mobile communications is three times more than the world average according to the Global Mobile Tax Review 2011, he said.

“But we keep our hope alive that the taxation in the mobile communication industry [in Turkey] will normalize,” he said.