Local power generating ship sets sail to Lebanon

Local power generating ship sets sail to Lebanon

ISTANBUL - Reuters
Local power generating ship sets sail to Lebanon

Orhan Bey, an energy-generating ship developed by a Turkish firm, has been landed on the water with a ceremony held yesterday. DHA photo

Turkish Karadeniz Holding, which develops and operates energy-generating ships, launched its 136 megawatt (MW) Orhan Bey ship yesterday, sending the ship to Lebanon on Aug. 5 in a ceremony attended by Energy Minister Taner Yıldız.

Orhan Bey will be the company’s seventh ship in total, Karadeniz Holding vice chairman Orhan Karadeniz said. “We are meeting the power needs of 2 million people in Basra and 1 million in Mosul with our ships. We will be meeting the power needs of 1.5 million people in Lebanon with our
new ship in addition to our 205 MW Fatmagül Sultan ship, which has been there since April,” he added.
Lebanon suffers from severe electricity shortages, as the country only produces around 1,500 MW per day while consumption exceeds 3,000 MW.

Disputes with Pakistan

Some have criticized Lebanon for its agreement with Karadeniz Holding, pointing to a scandal that the company has been involved in with Pakistan. Islamabad filed a lawsuit against the company over two years ago for failing to abide by its contracts.

Pakistan then confiscated two power ships of the company, while the Turkish company has pledged to take the case to the International Court of Arbitration and asked compensation over $600 million.

“The arbitration panel was established last week. As Pakistan did not appoint a member to the panel, the international court did it for them. The Pakistani part has continued its passive role in the proceedings,” Orhan Karadeniz said.

Energy Minister Taner Yıldız said the launching was of great importance to both Turkey’s shipping industry and energy sector. Regarding the problems that Karadeniz Holding experienced in Pakistan and other countries, Yıldız noted such problems may occur in big projects and the point was to be able to overcome these problems. “We will continue to support Karadeniz Holding, which is a successful representative of Turkish industry abroad, in its operations. In its reconciliation negotiations with Pakistan, I will directly attend,” he said.