Leather firms seek share in Chinese luxury market

Leather firms seek share in Chinese luxury market

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
President of the Leather Garment Manufacturers’ Association of Turkey (TDKD), Ali Dinç, has said they are striving to penetrate the Chinese luxury garment market and improve consumer relations.

According to a statement from the TDKD, Turkish leather manufacturers came together at a fast-breaking meal July 25 and discussed possible developments in the leather industry.

TDKD produces leather for world’s top luxury market

Dinç said that TDKD produces products for some of the top luxury leather garment markets in the world but “because of the lack of consumer relations, we do not receive any added-value back.”

TDKD sees the rising demand for luxury garments within China’s middle class as an opportunity, Dinç said. Even though TDKD is late in releasing their own brands in the market, they have been holding talks
with the sector’s leading leather manufacturers to exhibit their products at newly opened leather garment centers and will be receiving the results of the negotiations soon.

He pointed to the calmness in the Russian market and said, “As a result of the latest economic changes, despite the flatness in the Russian market, Russia is still our biggest and most important market.”

Dinç also mentioned that exports of leather garments to European countries dropped 2.1 percent, while exports of leather goods to former eastern bloc countries rose 25 percent.