Kundura Stage presents ‘Uncanny Valley’

Kundura Stage presents ‘Uncanny Valley’

Kundura Stage presents ‘Uncanny Valley’

The online program of Kundura Stage, the performance and theater stage of Beykoz Kundura, presents “Uncanny Valley,” an android’s one-man performance.

“Uncanny Valley” is performed by Swiss director and artist Stefan Kaegi, who is known for his extraordinary projects. Kaegi, whose plays produced under the umbrella of Rimini Protokoll, one of the most significant theater groups of Europe, using non-professional performers from different fields such as Formula 1 racers, pet owners, politicians have sparked debates and received awards, involves a humanoid robot that got tremendous attention when staged in 2018 and that takes use of artificial intelligence on stage to a new level.

The play, in which we watch a humanoid alone on stage reproduced by taking the work of German writer Thomas Melle as reference, tells the literature journey of the author as well as his manic-depressive episodes starting from his childhood.

Starting off with the “Uncanny Valley” concept, first used by Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori in the 1970s that defines the uncanny and existential uncertainty people experience when faced with humanoids, the play offers a besetting yet intriguing viewing experience in such an uncanny space where questions of “what is a human” and “what is a machine” intertwine.

The play, streamed on kultur.beykozkundura.com, will be available online and free of charge with Turkish subtitles until Feb. 15.

The cooperation of Kundura Stage with Kaegi and Rimini Protokoll will continue, too. “Remote İstanbul,” the Istanbul adaptation of “Remote X” series of Kaegi, designed specifically for developing cities from Moscow to Taipei will be shown in the summer.

The play will invite us to question the connection we make with the city and to observe our actions with the help of artificial intelligence thanks to its design that transform the audience into the performers.

The play can be viewed at kultur.beykozkundura.com

[HH] New platform by Beykoz Kundura, KunduraLab

KunduraLab, the new platform of Beykoz Kundura, which aims to create discussion and production opportunities in different disciplines from performance to documentary cinema and from philosophy to anthropology, begins, too.

PhilosophyLab will be the first of the program that aims to transform Beykoz Kundura into an art-oriented thinking and production center.

PhilosophyLab, which invites us to understand and read the philosophical concepts, will start on Jan. 28 with academic Umut Eldem’s speech titled “Is human an artificial intelligence?”

The event will also offer opportunities for discussion and exploration throughout the year of 2021, with a program that will center around intriguing topics from artificial intelligence to science fiction cinema.