KoçSistem exec among top 50 tech CEOs

KoçSistem exec among top 50 tech CEOs

KoçSistem exec among top 50 tech CEOs

Mehmet Ali Akarca, general manager of KoçSistem, has been named among one of the world’s top technology company CEOs.

Akarca ranks 12th in the Top 50 Tech Services CEO listing, the New York-based The Software Report has said.

Awardees are selected based on marks attained in the categories of integrity, intelligence, drive, company culture as well as company operations and growth.

Akarca, who has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nottingham School of Economics, has been serving as general manager at KoçSistem since April 2017.

He received his postgraduate degree in marketing and tourism at the University of Surrey.

The Software Report underlines that Akarca is focused on business strategies to support companies’ digital transformation.

As a member of Koç Group, KoçSistem is leading information technology company, offering services to finance, telecommunications firms as well as banks.

KoçSistem offers a wide range of products and services in areas such as Internet of Things, big bata and analytics, security, corporate cloud, corporate mobility, business solutions and digital workforce.

Its business partners include Samsung, Apple, Avaya, Beko, Cisco, EMC, Enterasys, HP, Microsoft, Nortel Networks, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and Unisys.

The awardees of the Top 50 Tech Sercives CEO also include the executives of IT Convergence, Techwave, 3Pillar, Intermedia, Nexient, DockYard and Applaudo Studios, the Software Report said.

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