Kırkpınar oil wrestling champions test positive for doping

Kırkpınar oil wrestling champions test positive for doping

Kırkpınar oil wrestling champions test positive for doping

Ali Gürbüz is seen with his winner’s medals and the championship trophy after emerging victorious in last month’s Kırkpınar competition. DHA Photo

Champion Ali Gürbüz and other 16 oil wrestlers who recently won in different categories of Turkey’s longest-running sports event, the Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling competition, have tested positive in doping tests, daily Radikal has reported

The Kırkpınar competition, which was held for the 652nd time last month in the northwestern province of Edirne, has been shaken by the doping scandal. A total of 678 oil wrestlers, called “pehlivans,” entered bouts in 14 different age and weight categories in the tournament.

Gürbüz, son of a former wrestling champion, is expected to receive a two-year suspension.

Champion pehlivans Abdullah Kaçmazoğlu, Sinan Kaya, Murat Aydoğdu, Gökhan Arıcı, Sermest Bulut, Ali Altun, Ahmet Selbest, Bekir Seçim, Süleyman Aykırı and Bilal Kıvrak’s tests are among those who tested “positive.”

The results of the doping tests for second-placed İsmail Balaban and third-placed Orhan Okulu are expected to be revealed today.

All the pehlivans were sent to the disciplinary board of Turkey’s Wrestling Federation and asked for a defense.

The evaluation of the board will determine whether they will be suspended for two years or receive an acquittal.

The Kırkpınar competition, which dates back to Ottoman times, has long had pride of place on the Turkish sports calendar due to its long history.