Kevin Costner finally got to hold his Golden Globe

Kevin Costner finally got to hold his Golden Globe

Kevin Costner finally got to hold his Golden Globe

Kevin Costner’s Golden Globe award has officially been received by the “Yellowstoneactor.

Costner won the best actor in a drama series statuette for his role in “Yellowstone” at the January 2023 ceremony, but he wasn’t able to attend the show due to flooding in the area around his home.

In a new video posted to Costner’s social media, he sat on his bed and un-boxed his trophy.

“We watched from home and it wasn’t the same,” Costner said in the video as he recounted what it was like to watch the show remotely.

Costner added that his wife Christine Baumgartner “realized that my heart was a little bit low,” so she brought “about 30” balloons home for him “because it was just going to be us and our family in the den watching the Golden Globes, something we imagined ourselves being there for, something I dreamed about.”

“To be nominated as an actor was really important to me,” he added.

Once Costner finally held the trophy in his hands for the first time, he took a moment to thank those most important to him and admitted that “it feels really good” to finally have the award.

After he thanked his family and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (the voting body for the Golden Globe awards), Costner took a moment to appreciate what got him into this business in the first place by saying, “I’m so glad I found the movies in my life; it made a difference.”

The “Field of Dreams” actor has been nominated for seven Golden Globe awards, winning best director in 1991 for “Dances With Wolves” and an acting statuette in 2013 for “Hatfields & McCoys” before this year’s win.