Kemal’s book set to attract attention of Pakistan readers

Kemal’s book set to attract attention of Pakistan readers

ANKARA- Anatolia News Agency
Kemal’s book set to attract attention of Pakistan readers

Pakistan’s Jumhoori Publishing House has published the book of Orhan Kemal’s ‘Three-and-a-Half Years with Nazım Hikmet.’

Pakistani readers will have an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the life and times of Turkish writer Orhan Kemal following the publication of his memoir, “Nazım Hikmet’le 3.5 Yıl” (Three-and-a-Half Years with Nazım Hikmet), in the South Asian country.

“Orhan Kemal reflects the lifestyle of Turkish society and he also makes literature out of this lifestyle. This is literature of the generations and civilizations,” Farrukh Sohail Goindi, the owner of Jumhoori Publishing House, which is publishing the work under the title “Orhan Kemal, Nazim Hikmet Ke Saath Jail,” recently told Anatolia news agency.

Jumhoori is expecting a positive reception of the book. Goindi said Kemal’s literature had directed continents in the past and was now illuminating third-world countries with its light. Kemal’s powerful and fluid style is reflected in his memoir, Goindi added. Translated into Urdu by Ejaz Ahmed Rana, Goindi said the memoir tells the story of Kemal and Hikmet, who shared a ward in Bursa Prison between 1940 and 1943. The book focuses on the human side of Nazım, Turkey’s greatest poet.

Kemal’s book set to attract attention of Pakistan readers

The book consists of six parts

Goindi said the book consisted of six parts: “Orhan Kemal and Nazım Hikmet: Writers at the Court;” “Orhan Kemal’s Father, Abdülkadir Kemal Bey;” “Transition from Poet to Novelist,” “3.5 Years with Nazım Hikmet;” “The Jail Notes of Orhan Kemal,” as well as “Letters to Nazım Hikmet and Orhan Kemal.”

Goindi said he followed Turkish literature very closely and knew Kemal’s work well, particularly “Cell 71,” Cemile,” “Father’s House,” and “Crazy Years.” Kemal focuses on topics similar to those dealt with in Pakistani literature, he said.

“[But] the works of Orhan Kemal are a new concept for Pakistani people. The works attract intellectuals and writers in the country,” he added.

“Turkish civilization is one of the most important civilizations that has affected the region for many years and Turkish writers are a part of this civilization,” he said, noting that with time, Turkish writers would become better known in global literary circles.

Orhan Kemal books in 13 languages

“Turkish writers as a treasure should be revealed on the literature scene and should be presented to other cultures. Orhan Kermal’s books show all the details of Turkish culture and lifestyle.”

Goindi said Kemal highlighted class differences very well. “Kemal can write and reflect the tragic part of society. That’s why he is influential in other countries and other countries’ literatures.”

Orhan Kemal’s son, Işık Öğütçü, said 35 of Kemal’s books have been published abroad and that five more would be translated into foreign languages by the end of 2012.

“I make offers to translators and publishing houses. Generally, foreign publishing houses do not know much about Turkish literature. They only know a few names. But we have a very rich literature and literary writers.