Kardeş Türküler gets award at Troy festival

Kardeş Türküler gets award at Troy festival

ÇANAKKALE - Anatolia News Agency
This year’s Homeros Science, Culture and Arts Award has been given to the musical group Kardeşler Türküler music band as part of the 49th International Troy Festival in Çannakale.

“I greet everyone coming from different regions: Osnabrück, Pomezia, Pardubice, and Diyarbakır,”said Çannakale Mayor Ülgür Gökhan in his speech at the event. Gökhan went on to mention the historical importance of Troy, saying that the festival’s vision has expanded despite many problems the world confronts, including wars, unfairness and cultural erosion.

“Peace to you, peace to others, peace with nature, peace with art,” said Gökhan, in reference to the festival’s environmental focus. “Everything can be overcome with peace. We need more and more people [behind this movement] in order to be more powerful.”

The main aim of this traditional festival is to improve peace and friendship and stimulate intercultural understanding, Çanakkale Deputy Gov. Cemal Yıldızer said.

The festival’s Homeros Award went to Kardeş Türküler, wiht Feryal Öney accepting the award from Gökhan on behalf of the band. Kardeş Türküler also gave a concert at the festival.