Journey through historical events at Hisart Live History Museum

Journey through historical events at Hisart Live History Museum

Journey through historical events at Hisart Live History Museum

The Hisart Live History Museum takes visitors of all ages on a journey through the pages of history for six years with its numerous artifacts and sections dealing with historical events.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency on the occasion of Museum Week, Nejat Çuhadaroğlu, the founder of the museum in Istanbul’s Çağlayan neighborhood, told the story of the museum.

Stating that he was interested in painting since his childhood, used to make models of planes, tanks and cars, and that his interest in history grew more every day, Çuhadaroğlu said that he wants to gift his collection and museum to Turkish culture and history.

Çuhadaroğlu pointed out that he started creating concepts that describe historical events by putting real objects next to the three-dimensional dioramas and supporting them with lights and sounds, and that the adventure of museum started this way.

He said that Hisart is currently the first and only museum in the world in terms of exhibition and arrangement in its own style, “Besides, there are many unique works in this museum,” he added.

Emphasizing that the museum differs from the others with its models, diorama works and real objects depicting different periods of history, Çuhadaroğlu said, “Here, there are over 500 animated models depicting the periods with original accessories, dresses and weapons. Visitors can see the wars and events of the period, with the models, pictures, photographs.”

Çuhadaroğlu stated that although the contents and visuals of the museum were featured in the press many times, people who come to the museum are very surprised when they see the museum.

“The collection is very rich. We also display interesting subjects with very important personalities from all periods and stories, and it is a museum that attracts people from all walks of life, all ages and countries, as we exhibit original materials about them. Because there are works here belonging to all major countries in the world from New Zealand, Australia, India, China to the Middle East, Iran, Africa, Europe, America and Russia. One of the most important features of Hisart Live History Museum is that it renews itself over time, brings new antiques, new projects, dioramas, models and new models to its collection. The museum is constantly growing,” he said.

Stating that there are pieces related to the Ottoman Teşkilat-ı Mahsuss (The Special Organization) in the collection, he said that the discussions about the symbol of the organization are still continuing.

“We are still discussing this issue with historians and researchers. It is a very interesting topic,” he added.

Explaining that the weapons of Teşkilat-ı Mahsusa and even a ring-shaped pistol were added to the collection, Çuhadaroğlu drew attention to the fact that these pieces were used about 100 years ago.

Referring to the projects they have realized and planned to realize in the future, Çuhadaroğlu said that they plan to organize various exhibitions on the anniversaries of historical events both in Turkey and abroad, and that they want to contribute to Turkish culture and tourism by exhibiting works related to the history of Turkey.

He said that the museum is not sufficient in terms of location and space and that the works can be displayed better if they can move to a larger place, adding that he wants to make the museum a culture and history complex by establishing a foundation.

The museum, which is currently closed due to the pandemic, is set to reopen on Oct. 1.