Jazz in Bodrum during Ramadan holiday

Jazz in Bodrum during Ramadan holiday

Jazz in Bodrum during Ramadan holiday A new jazz event in Bodrum, We Jazz Bodrum, will kick off on the second day of the Ramadan holiday on June 26 before continuing in various spots in the western town throughout summer. 

The first concert of the event will be given by world famous Moroccan singer Hindi Zahra at the Bodrum Ancient Theater. 

Releasing an EP in 2009, Zahra released her first album “Handmade” in 2010. “At The Same Time,”
 “Fascination,” “Oursoul” and “Beautiful Tango” became the best known songs of the album. 

In 2010 she collaborated with French musician Blundetto on his debut album “Bad Bad Things.” In November 2010, Zahra won the Prix Constantin for Best Album. In 2011, she won the Victoires de la Musique award for the best World music album.

In 2014 she had roles in the films “The Narrow Frame of Midnight” by Tala Hadid and in “The Cut” by Turkish-German director Fatih Akın.

In 2015, Zahra’s second album “Homeland” was released.

The second guest of the event will be Dutch-born Turkish artist Karsu, who will take the stage on June 25 at the Bodrum Castle. 

Karsu, who has been appreciated in her concerts at New York Carneige Hall and North SeaJazz Festival, blends jazz, blues, soul, funk and Turkish music. She is also the first Turkish artist to win the prestigious Dutch Award EdisonJazz/World in 2016.