İYİ Party leader calls for early elections

İYİ Party leader calls for early elections

İYİ Party leader calls for early elections


Opposition İYİ Party leader Meral Akşener on Nov. 24 called for early elections, criticizing the government’s economic policies.

The Turkish nation is getting poorer with the latest economic difficulties, she said, addressing her party’s weekly parliamentary group meeting.

In just one week, Turkey’s debt increased by 1.9 trillion liras, Akşener stated.

İYİ Party is visiting across Turkey and its representatives are among the nation, she noted.

“In every province, in every district, we get along with our nation,” she said.

“Our nation sees this sincerity, this effort, and walks with us,” Akşener said.

The İYİ Party leader also warned party members of possible provocations, stressing that their responsibilities are “great,” their duties are “sacred” and their paths are “difficult.”

“There will be provocations on this path, we will be calm. There will be those who want to take to the streets, those who want to set the nation against each other, we will not allow it,” she noted.