Italian jazz trio to perform at Salon tonight

Italian jazz trio to perform at Salon tonight

Italian jazz trio to perform at Salon tonight

Kekko Fornarelli will take the stage at Salon IKSV tonight at 9:30 pm.

Italian jazz trio Kekko Fornarelli will meet the audience at Salon IKSV tonight. Jazz pianist and composer Fornarelli released his first album “Circular Thought” in 2005 and his latest, titled “Outrush,” in March 2014.

Eric Vloeimans, Flavio Boltro, Rosario Giuliani, Francesco Bearzatti, Benjamin Henocq, Jerome Regard, Manhu Roche and Luca Bulgarelli are only some of the artists he has shared ideas, sounds, life experiences and stages with. The tour, which has brought his music to more than 25 countries the last two years, including Russia, Asia, Australia and all of Europe, has been a huge success.

“As long as there are musicians as open-minded as Kekko Fornarelli, jazz will continue being the world’s music,” says Paolo Fresu, one of the important names of Italian jazz.

In the trio, Giorgio Vendola with his contrabass and Dario Congedo on drums accompany Fornarelli, who is seen as the Italian jazz scene’s new voice.

The concert will begin at 9:30 p.m., featuring a mixture of classical music, modern jazz and dance rhythms of the 21st century.

Tickets are available at Biletix.