Istanbul’s famous stray dog ‘Boji’ becomes cryptocurrency

Istanbul’s famous stray dog ‘Boji’ becomes cryptocurrency

ISTANBUL - Demirören News Agency
Istanbul’s famous stray dog ‘Boji’ becomes cryptocurrency

Istanbul’s beloved stray dog, Boji, has inspired a cryptocurrency project aimed at helping stray animals as a portion of the transaction fees obtained from the cryptocurrency released under the name Boji Token is donated to shelters as dog food.

Boji Token, which is planned to be released in 700 trillion units, deducts 2 percent from transaction fees as a donation fund for food and other needs, to be distributed to dog shelters.

“With Boji Token, we basically aim to improve the conditions for animals and transform the world into a more livable place for animals.”

“We believe that projects developed with blockchain technology will be effective in this,” said Ümit Coşgun, the head of Boji Token Türkiye.

The recent increase in the prices of imported dog food puts volunteers and shelters in a very difficult situation, according to Coşgun.

“Dog shelters, established by the individual efforts of volunteers, are home to many stray dogs,” said Coşgun, noting that the first thing they did with the budget obtained from the transactions was a food distribution event at the dog shelter in the western province of Tekirdağ.

A game where Boji tries to avoid obstacles in the Istanbul subway can be played on the website of Boji Token, said Coşgun, adding that they aim to turn the sympathy created by the Boji into a great act of kindness.

“Cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts who want to support the project can find detailed information on how to purchase the Boji Token and our roadmap on the website.”

“We invite everyone to be a part of this transparent charity movement that aims to provide better conditions for stray animals,” Coşgun added.

Boji captured hearts when commuters uploaded its photos on trains, trams, metros and ferries touring Istanbul in the spring. In a short time, several people opened social media accounts dedicated to Boji, making it one of the symbols of the metropolis.