Istanbul to witness snowfall again this week

Istanbul to witness snowfall again this week

Istanbul to witness snowfall again this week

Temperatures will start dropping significantly across the country as of today, and Turkey’s most populous province, Istanbul, will witness snowfall once again in early March, a prominent Turkish meteorologist has said.

“A wave of rainy weather will have an impact in the western parts of the country, starting from the late hours of Feb. 28,” Orhan Şen announced on his Twitter account.

According to the expert, after the decrease in the temperature, the country will meet new days of snowfalls.

“On March 2, snow will start falling on the high hills of Istanbul, while most parts in Anatolia will be blanketed with snow throughout the week,” he noted.

The Turkish State Meteorological Service also warned of heavy rains, downpours and sleet in various provinces for March 1.

The amount of rain falling per square meter in the Aegean shores may reach up to 50 kilos, the service warned in a statement.

It also warned residents of the provinces in the country’s east to get prepared against frost and avalanches.