Istanbul set to host growth forum in May

Istanbul set to host growth forum in May

Istanbul set to host growth forum in May

The Strategic Growth Forum will be held in Istanbul between May 8 and 9. Hürriyet photo

Istanbul will host the global series of the Strategic Growth Forum (SGF), organized by Ernst&Young, on May 8 and 9.

The SGF’s main topics will the opportunities in front of Turkey, specific strategies for companies, investment targets, and Istanbul’s vision to become a regional finance center.

The forum will gather top CEOs, entrepreneurs, influential business and government leaders, investors and advisors from Turkey and around the world, to share their experiences on innovation, transactions, growth and what is shaping the new opportunities in Turkey and beyond, according to a statement by Ernst&Young. Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan will make the opening speech at the forum.

“Istanbul is the perfect location for the next SGF: the heart of an exciting rapid growth region that represents significant opportunities for entrepreneurs, innovators and large corporate alike. Just as Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge connects Europe with Asia,” Ernst&Young said.

“Turkey has become a regional growth hub by preserving its stability as its neighbors struggle with economic and political crises,” said Mustafa Çamlı, Country Manager of Ernst&Young Turkey, underlining the importance of hosting a SGF. Çamli stated that Turkey, which was less affected than most by the global economic crisis that began in 2008, showed that it has the largest potential for future opportunities thanks to the steps it has taken to establish peace in the region.