Istanbul Modern to get animated with new film fest

Istanbul Modern to get animated with new film fest

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Istanbul Modern to get animated with new film fest

The festival shows Nelson Shin’s movies ‘The Empress Chung’ and ‘Transformers,’ as well as his earlier works.

Hot on the heels of the İKSV Istanbul International Film Festival is another movie event – this time for members of the public who prefer the virtual world of animation rather than real-life action. The first Canlandıranlar Festival (Animators Festival) at Istanbul Modern will host Nelson Shin, the creator of the light saber in the Star Wars series, the director of “The Transformers: The Movie” and “The Empress Chung,” and the producer of “The Simpsons Movie.”

The festival will show Shin’s movies “The Empress Chung” and “Transformers,” as well as some of his earlier works like “Pink Panther Shorts.” A talk with Shin will also be held on April 25 at 7 p.m. at Istanbul Modern Cinema.

The festival runs from April 25 to 28.

The first section of the festival

In the first section of the festival, organizers will screen the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation (ASIFA) list. In the second section, the festival will screen Shin’s special selection from Korean movies as part of the “ASIFA Korea Selection.”

Istanbul Modern to get animated with new film festAlso on show is “Talent Movies,” which have collected more than 30 awards around the world, as well as offerings from animation from Turkey and John Halas.

The films are also supported by International ASIFA, which is an umbrella organization for animators worldwide. ASIFA is a collection of national, regional groups, and individual members across the globe that are united in a desire to promote the art of animation. The goal of the association includes sharing information, preserving the rights of animators and promoting progress toward peace and understanding through a unified interest in the art of animation.


In the 2010-2011 season, the association celebrated its 50th anniversary, making it the oldest international organization supporting the art of animation. ASIFA compiled, wrote and published a 50th anniversary book, a gift to all international members during the anniversary year.

The projects of ASIFA include a wide range of events, including coordinating with or assisting film festivals, screenings and conferences; publishing websites and newsletters; life-drawing classes; animation workshops; working with archives and libraries; offering equipment cooperatives; and hosting informal meet-and-greet gatherings.

The festival will also include the cartoons of Nazım Hikmet Ran titled “Peace to your House” and “The Clouds in Love,” which were drawn by Nazım in 1959.

Nazım Hikmet’s animation movies

Nazım, long regarded as modern Turkey’s greatest poet, wrote many scenarios for the domestic Turkish film industry, Yeşilçam, and contributed to Turkish movies. During the last years of his life when he was living in Russia, he also created some animation movies that were revealed on his 111th birthday and 50th anniversary of his death. The movies were unearthed thanks to the research of Melih Güneş; after the screenings, there will be a discussion with Güneş and Tan Oral. “Peace to your House” (Mir Domu Tvoemu) was made in 1962 in the Soviet Union under the direction of Viktor Nikitin and Igor Nikolayev. Running 20 minutes long, the movie deals with war and peace.

“The Clouds in Love” (Vlyublennoe Oblako), was directed by Anatoly Karanovich and Roman Kochanov in 1959. Centering on a story about a woman named Ayşe who owns a garden, the film lasts 16 minutes. Nazım’s screenings will take place on April 27 at 3 p.m.