Istanbul deputy police chief arrested on ‘murder’ charges

Istanbul deputy police chief arrested on ‘murder’ charges

Istanbul deputy police chief arrested on ‘murder’ charges A local court has ordered the arrest of an Istanbul deputy police chief on charges of committing premeditated murder.

The deputy police chief, Celal Yılmaz, 51, was recorded on video shooting motorcyclist Ahmet Sülüsoğlu, 32, following an argument in Istanbul’s Halkalı district in Aug. 17, police said.

In his testimony, Yılmaz alleged that Sülüsoğlu had stopped Yılmaz’s car with his motorcycle, which ensued into an argument. The deputy police chief said the deceased pulled a gun on him while Yılmaz was parking and Yılmaz shot in self-defense.  

Prosecutor Talip Kalkan urged the court to arrest Yılmaz, saying the accused had exceeded the limits of legitimate self-defense.      

The court ruled in favor of the prosecutor, ordering the arrest of Yılmaz on charges of “premeditated murder under unjust provocation.”

On Aug. 17, Yılmaz quarreled with motorcycle rider Ahmet Sülüsoğlu, 32, while he was heading home with his wife in Istanbul’s Halkalı district. 

After the quarrel ended, Sülüsoğlu reportedly pursued Yılmaz, which resulted in a second quarrel around 1 a.m. in front of the Yılmaz home. During the quarrel, Sülüsoğlu pointed a gun at Yılmaz but was shot dead by the latter before firing. An investigation revealed that Sülüsoğlu’s gun had blank cartridges. Yılmaz informed police and medical teams about the incident afterwards.