ISIL suicide bomber caught in Şanlıurfa

ISIL suicide bomber caught in Şanlıurfa

Fevzi Kızılkoyun – ISTANBUL
ISIL suicide bomber caught in Şanlıurfa

Bashar al-Mizhen, an ISIL suicide bomber, code-named “Abu Enes al Khahtani,” who has been awaiting an order of attack from his leaders in Damascus, has been detained in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa, the Interior Ministry has announced.

“With al-Mizhen, the number of ISIL militants caught this year before organizing attacks rose to 10,” the ministry said on May 17.

Within the scope of a terror investigation conducted by the prosecutors’ office in the southeastern province of Kilis, security units captured al-Mizhen in the terror group’s cell house and seized various digital documents.

Among them is a flash memory drive, on which a list of names of the ISIL suicide bombers exists.

“The suspect was in direct communications with his leaders in Damascus and awaiting a suicide attack order from them to organize ‘sensational actions’ in the big cities,” the ministry expressed.

According to the ministry statement, the suspect was after a “lone wolf attack,” a term used for “a particular kind of mass murder, committed in a public setting by an individual who plans and commits the act on their own.”

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