İş Sanat to host Spanish pianist, composer Castellanos

İş Sanat to host Spanish pianist, composer Castellanos

İş Sanat to host Spanish pianist, composer Castellanos

Spanish composer and pianist Ariadna Castellanos will hold a concert at İş Sanat in Istanbul on Jan. 25.

“One of the most interesting Jazz musicians of her generation,” as Vanity Fair described her last year in an article, Castellanos has shared the stage with many artists, including Paco de Lucia, Paquito de Ribera, Michael Camilo, Richard Bona, and Herbie Hancock, while also recording collaborations with Alejandro Sanz, Nach and Pepe de Lucia.

She is the only Spaniard to have received the Presidential Award at Berklee College of Music in Boston, after graduating in classical piano with full scholarship from the Guildhall School of Music in London.

Saying that she remembers her father playing the guitar and singing Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton songs, Castellanos notes that playing the piano is the “most exciting thing in the world;” it makes her feel alive and says it is worth every effort it takes.

Castellanos has a wide range of repertoire and musical versatility, from classical to jazz, electronic to Flamenco. “I am an extremely curious person and that transfers to my approach in music. Once I spend a long time studying and playing a style of music I create music in that vibe, and after a while, I always feel the urge to experiment something else. I’m not sure if it is because I don’t want to miss anything in life or because the process of change, keeps me alive. Whatever the reason that made me travel for all the music types, now moved me towards new technologies, creating the first Music Studio for Virtual Reality Experiences in Spain: MiiZ,” she explains.

Speaking of her albums, “F. Black & White” and “MJU:ZIK,” she says, “After classical education and career, I finally made my first album. I spent many years listening to flamenco albums, learning with Flamenco guitarists and dancers by ear, and finally composed my own songs. After that, I went to Berklee where I learnt Jazz, and “MJU:ZIK” is the mixture of a jazz pianist with an electronic producer, it could never have happened in another time in my life.”

She is now recording her third album “Monster.” The album is composed around a story in an imaginary planet in 2043. “This album has more songs than instrumental tracks, electronic music and piano,” she adds.

Castellanos was nominated to Latin Grammy with “F. Black & White.” Her second album was on the top list of 2016 albums in Spain.

She has so far worked with many important musicians. As for her musical collaborations with them, she says, “It makes me so happy to realize how the greatest were the most humble, and nicest, especially Alejandro Sanz, who always helps young artists when he has a chance. “

Castellanos has been in Antalya before for a piano festival. She will now take the stage in Istanbul. “This is the fourth time for me in Turkey: Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and back to Istanbul. You treated us so well every single time, and we are so thankful to be invited again. Also this time we will stay after the concert in order to see the city with more time, as we know it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world,” she says.