Iran Culture Days begins in Ankara

Iran Culture Days begins in Ankara

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Iran Culture Days begins in Ankara

Culture Minister Ertuğrul Günay (R) is with his Iranian counterpart Seyit Mohammed Husseini at the event.

Turkey and Iran are two representatives of two big civilizations sharing the same culture, faith and history in the same geographical area, Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay said at the opening event of Iranian Culture Days, which began yesterday at the Atatürk Culture Center in Ankara.

The common cultural values between the two countries would never be destroyed by political discussions and conflicts, Günay said, adding that Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi was one of the best examples of these cultural values.

“He is one of the best known and most respected Sufis in the world. Nothing can destroy the friendship and brotherhood between such two publics. We should know each other’s culture, people, daily life, cuisine, music and cities better. We host some 1 million tourists every year. I also wish more Turkish people would go to Iran because Iran is a must-to-see country,” Günay said.

Turkey should be better promoted in Iran and Iran better promoted in Turkey, he said, adding that such promotions would make a great contribution to the economy, culture and future of both countries.
Iranian Islamic Republic Culture Minister Seyit Mohamemd Husseini also attended the opening where he said increasing cultural relations would reflect in other areas.

“I hope that Culture Days will cause a new season between the two countries,” he said, adding that 2013 would be celebrated as The Year of Iran in Turkey and 2014 would be celebrated as The Year of Turkey in Iran.

Iranian Ambassador to Ankara, Bahman Hosseinpour, said the cultural relations between the two countries were the assurance of the development of political and economic relations.

According to Hosseinpour, the bilateral trade volume between both countries had increased from $5.5 million to $16.5 million over the last four years. “This figure will exceed $21 billion this year,” he said.
Turkey and Iran have a large ability to improve relations and the religion of Islam was one of them, Hosseinpour said.