Internet provider offers new online ad service

Internet provider offers new online ad service

ANTALYA - Hürriyet Daily News
Internet provider offers new online ad service

TTNET General Manager Abdullah Orkun Kaya speaks during a press conference in which the new online ad service ‘Gezinti’ was introduced. Company photo

TTNET, Turkey’s leading internet provider, is set to offer online ads to internet users according to their fields of interest, via their new service “Gezinti.”

“Gezinti will provide advantages to consumers, advertisers, publishers and all participants,” said General Manager Abdullah Orkun Kaya during a press meeting held in Antalya on June 3.

Gezinti service will send invitations to the internet users through web sites. The users will be able to get involved in Gezinti by pressing “Yes” for the invitation. The ones, which press “No” or close the invitation window, will not be included. “This is a mechanism in which the users get involved in the system with their consent,” Kaya said.

The users’ identities will be anonymous in Gezinti, and users choose their fields of interest from the categories. With this system, the users will meet with ads in line with their interests on the websites, which they enter.

Turkey’s advertising sector value was worth 5.2 billion Turkish Liras last year, with online ads making up 943 million of the total, Kaya said. TTNET aims to contribute to the growth of the digital advertising sector in Turkey with an example of behavioral targeting advertising with Gezinti, a service offered by its business partner PT Reklam.