Immigrant artists looking at Istanbul in new performance

Immigrant artists looking at Istanbul in new performance

Immigrant artists looking at Istanbul in new performance

Within the scope of the “Istanbul Today” exhibition, the Suna and Inan Kıraç Foundation Pera Museum is hosting an interdisciplinary performance that brings documentary theater, sound installation, visual arts and live music together.

The premiere of the performance “Dialogue Project – Istanbul” will take place tomorrow at Pera Museum, featuring four immigrant artists who are currently living in Istanbul.

Dialogue Project brings together immigrant artists who are trying to become part of the creative industries in cosmopolitan cities in Europe, such as Istanbul, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Vienna.

The artists, Enzo Ikah (Democratic Republic of Congo), Marina Nazarova (Ukraine), Saghar Daeri and Ali Bonyadi (Iran) taking part in the ”Dialogue Project – Istanbul” will share their observations and experiences in Istanbul via the performances at the museum.

The performance, divided into sections titled “Intro,” “Journey” and “Home/Another World,” will be narrated in seven different languages, namely Turkish, English, Farsi, Ukrainian, Russian, Lingala and French.

The project, which has an interdisciplinary feature in itself, aims to contribute to strengthening the connection of migrant and refugee groups with society, through the use of sound installations, visual arts and live music and with its unifying, inclusive and diversity-oriented discourse.

The premiere on March 16 will be held at Pera Café at 7 p.m. both in English and Turkish subtitles and will be broadcast live on Pera Museum’s website.

Tickets can be obtained from Biletix or the reception of the Pera Museum on the day of the event.

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