İlhan İrem back on stage after two years

İlhan İrem back on stage after two years

İlhan İrem back on stage after two years

Rock musician İlhan İrem will meet his fans at an Istanbul concert after two years.

Turkish rock music veteran İlhan İrem will take return to the stage after two years at Istanbul’s Turkcell Kuruçeşme Arena on Sept. 22 

marking the 39th anniversary of his music career. 

İrem, who has released 24 albums and won seven golden record awards as well as many other accolades, is considered one of the greatest figures in Turkish music history. 

Although he continued his music work, İrem made a decision 20 years ago to not appear on any 
radio or television programs or in popular culture circles. 

After his performance at Istanbul’s Gülhane Park 1992, the artist did not play publicly anywhere for 14 years before a concert on Sept. 29, 2006 in Istanbul. He gave another concert the same year in Ankara. Following four more concerts, he put on a final show Oct. 9 in 2010 in İzmir. His shows are known for their mystical atmosphere.

At the concert İrem will perform his timeless classics such as “Anlasana,” “Konuşamıyorum” and “Sen Bilirsin.” Sevecen will also accompany İrem during his concert.