İbrahim Müteferrika exhibition draws visitors

İbrahim Müteferrika exhibition draws visitors

İbrahim Müteferrika exhibition draws visitors

More than 50,000 people have visited the exhibition titled “Preface to the Printing House: Basmacı İbrahim Efendi” at the Nation’s Library in Ankara since its opening on Sept. 7.

The story of Müteferrika Printing House, which was founded in 1727 and went down in history as the first Turkish printing house, and where the first book was published in 1729, is presented to the visitors in the exhibition along with the books and other works, at the Presidential Nation’s Library Seljuk Museum and Exhibition Hall.

The works written and translated by İbrahim Müteferrika, the lead printing letters used in the printing house, the founding staff and establishment process of the Ottoman printing as well as the archival documents published after Müteferrika’s death are shown in the exhibition, which features 22-volume 17 important books, published at the Müteferrika Printing House and are kept in different libraries and archives of Turkey.

Bringing these works together for the first time, the exhibition also reveals the task undertaken by Müteferrika Printing House, which is the first printing house run by a Muslim in the Islamic world, in the history of science.

The exhibition, which attracts great interest from children, young people and adults, can be visited through Dec. 30.

[HH] All works printed at Müteferrika Printing House

Speaking to state-run Anadolu Agency, the exhibition official at the Nation’s Library, Talha Turhal said that in previous displays, 16 books published in Müteferrika Printing House were brought together, but all 17 works can be seen in this exhibition.

Stating that this was a first, Turhal said, “Over 50,000 people have visited the exhibition so far. Among them, we have students at an early age, as well as adults. Schools contact us to set a date and make their visits.”

Reminding that Müteferrika is a Hungarian-born statesman, Turhal said, “Turkish and foreign state officials also visit the exhibition. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, who will come to Turkey soon, will be visiting the library and the exhibition,” he added.

Stating that the images of the library and exhibitions are shared on the social media accounts of the Presidential Nation’s Library, Turhal said that detailed information can be reached at “mk.gov.tr.”

Covering an area of 125,000 square meters, the Presidential Nation’s Library, which is Turkey’s largest library, was inaugurated in the capital on Feb. 20, 2020.

The library features 4 million printed books, over 120 million electronic editions, and 550,000 e-books, he stated. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said they aim the library to be not only a place for book collections but a center on science and culture.

The project was realized through intense efforts by leading Turkish intellectuals, librarians and NGOs.

A technology room for visually impaired users was is also available in the library.

Books published in 134 different languages and 120 million articles and reports are lined up on the shelves, spanning some 201 kilometers.

Located inside the presidential complex, the library can accommodate up to 5,000 people at a time.