I will win in first round: CHP’s candidate İnce

I will win in first round: CHP’s candidate İnce

I will win in first round: CHP’s candidate İnce

Main opposition Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) presidential candidate Muharrem İnce said he anticipates to win in the first round of presidential elections.

“At first, I was counting on carrying the presidential race to the second round. But now, everything has changed. Now, we will win in the first round,” İnce said at Ankara’s Eryaman neighborhood on June 5.

The CHP candidate has visited several districts in Ankara as a part of the presidential campaign and praised the reactions from participants in the cities he held rallies.

“I have been engaged in politics for 30 years, I have never seen such a spirit of change,” he said.

İnce criticized the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of being “tired” and pledged a “fresh voice” in Turkish politics.

“On one side, there is someone who is tired and on the other side, there is someone new and energetic. On one side, there is someone who has been unable to solve the [country’s] problems for 16 years, and on the other side, there is someone who promises hope and gives hope. On one side there is a rusty mentality, and on the other side, a novelty,” he said.

“Grand problems cannot be sold by tired people. Grand problems can be solved with courage, with a new spirit by giving hope. There is a tired president, now let’s change it and bring a new one,” the CHP candidate said.

İnce also invited the participants to the grand rally to be held in the Ankara center right before the June 24 elections, adding that he expects one million people to come to the meeting.

“This is a rehearsal for the Ankara rally. There will be a million people there,” he said.

Day care for children, elderly

İnce also pledged to build day care centers for children in order to boost the participation of women in the work force, promising to build “one kindergarten in every neighborhood.”

He also promised to build a nursing home for the elderly, adding that in Turkey, women undertake in in-home care for the elderly.

“Women’s participation in the workforce is 32 percent. We will double it,” said İnce.

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