I have many questions…

I have many questions…

BELGİN AKALTAN - belgin.akaltan@hdn.com.tr
I have many questions… The escort girl whose video is circulating online was filmed as she entered the hotel room of the Finance Minister’s brother. She is “escorted” by an official of the construction company who has hired her as a “gift” to this close relative of this Cabinet minister. Then she is filmed again in the corridor leaving a few hours later. My question is, what happens in these kinds of situations? 

Please don’t laugh at me… When I saw her picture, I thought she looked very nice. She looked professional. (Of course she is professional, I know. I mean she looked very competent.) She was dressed smartly; her bag is 10 times more expensive than mine. She almost looked like a very successful, self-assured businesswoman. Well, she is, in a sense. 

What kind of conversation would she and the brother have? The third person, did he leave immediately or did he introduce them to each other and stay a while? Why does she do this? Does she take some drugs beforehand to prepare herself, or is money the only driving force? The guy is probably married. What does he do? Also drug himself? Is this paid sex experience so extraordinary that it is worth selling your conscience, your beliefs, your honor, the interests of your country? The reputation of your brother? Your family values? 

What does she say as first words? “Hi, I am Melisa… I can do anything you want me to do.” How does he respond? “Let’s just start and we’ll see where we are going…” Am I fantasizing? Is this coming from the dirty and deep curves of my brain? I don’t think I would fantasize about the brother of the Finance Minister. In any form… I just feel sorry for the poor girl. 

The prime minister delivered a speech at the Ambassadors’ Conference earlier in the week. Would I want to be among the audience? As an ambassador? I really don’t think so. I would have had to listen to him to the end while keeping my nice manners. He said, at one point, “We (referring to himself) know how to read and write…” So, the new criterion for wisdom is to know how to read and write, right? Would I want to be an ambassador having spent years on diplomacy, intelligent words, the art of delivering a speech, respecting all sides, using my wisdom to defeat opponents, and then come back home to listen to a PM who proudly implies that because he can read and write, he is better than anybody else in the room? 

When this mentality started climbing about 10 years ago, how many people, how many experts, how many analysts told the West and the East (and many other directions) that they were hypocrites, not true democrats; that they want to build an oppressive, mediaeval regime. They have nothing to do with contemporary values. The EU is a tool for them. They hate women. They will reveal their true selves eventually. Do not believe them. Do not support them. By supporting them you are doing harm to modern Turkey. I also wanted to add: Dear Americans, there is nothing like moderate Islam. Do not build your strategies on poor assumptions. Come and ask first. Ask the right people. 

Nobody listened to these warnings. And this mentality has been here for more than 10 years. They will go on governing for a couple of more years maybe; maybe not. (I hope not.) 

When we knew they were so under-qualified, why didn’t the U.S., why didn’t the EU know? Are we cleverer than these mighty experts of the West? 

I sadly remember Hillary Clinton’s words in October 2011, “The US wants Gadhafi dead or alive.” Didn’t she and didn’t her advisors know that this kind of sentence can only result in a savage, brutal, horrible, bloody lynching, in such a society and at such a time? I knew how the end of Gadhafi would be as soon as I heard this sentence. Am I cleverer than Hillary Clinton? Couldn’t the Americans advise their secretary of state better? Didn’t anyone tell her that this was a sentence never to be used? And that the weapon of violence will one day turn against them? Am I too clever, or are they a bit naïve? Or is it the same morons that advise the Americans on Turkey, the same ones that have been advising them on Libya? On Afghanistan? On Iran? 

The Kadıköy ferry: The PM hates the Kadıköy ferry, hates the people riding it, hates their manners and cannot even stand seeing them from a distance. When he is at his office at the Dolmabahçe Palace (Why does he have an office at the Dolmabahçe Palace anyway?), he stares out of his window and sees people walking out of this ferry; he thinks they are from another planet, that they are strangers to this land. 

The Kadıköy ferry equals “the American dream” in Turkey. (I guess.) It is the opposite of all the AKP represents. It is a land of free people, not obedient people… They dress the way they want to and act the way they want to. Young girls and young boys are close friends with each other. Like you have never been. They joke, laugh; sing, touch each other, without meaning any harm, with no sex involved. Maybe just flirting. The way that you have never done in your life. A woman has to cover her hair, in your mentality. So that her sexual appeal is stopped. Blocked. So the vision of her hair does not go into the brain of a man. Let me not go on…

The AKP sees the Kadıköy ferry as an enemy. Well, I am sorry sir, but the Kadıköy ferry is me. And all I stand for. 

Any more questions?