Hürriyet editorial: Assessing the aftermath of the Nov 1 election

Hürriyet editorial: Assessing the aftermath of the Nov 1 election

Hürriyet editorial: Assessing the aftermath of the Nov 1 election Daily Hürriyet has published an editorial following Turkey’s Nov. 1 general election, expressing its expectations about the country’s future under a single-party Justice and Development Party (AKP) government. Below is the full text of the editorial, published on Nov. 4:

The Nov. 1 general elections result came as a surprise to many: A strong victory for the AKP. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who made his presence felt throughout the process, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, who led a lively campaign, and all the AKP’s branches played role in this success.

It is essential for Turkey to immediately enter a period of moderation, considering the negative conditions facing the country. The words of Prime Minister Davutoğlu on Nov. 1, when he vowed to “lift Turkey out of all kinds of polarization, conflict and tension,” showed that he himself feels such a need.

What’s more, optimism was created when he said “From now on, Turkey should leave bitter arguments behind and focus on its future goals,” “Our nation wanted stability, trust and solutions to its problems,” “There will be no step back from democracy, law, mercy, compassion and love,” “Everyone’s rights are under guarantee and all of our 78 million people’s rights will absolutely be protected,” and “The security of life and property, and the freedom of thought and belief of all our citizens are under our guarantee.”

No doubt, there is tremendous responsibility for everyone in this field, primarily the government. We hope the government will take concrete steps that will persuade all segments of society and realize the words “embracing all 78 million people.” Moving beyond tension also depends on care given to messages in various statements, so the language of violence that has gradually spread across the country of late should immediately be halted.

As Hürriyet, we want to express that we will stand by every step to enforce judicial freedom and impartiality; to make the superiority of the law dominant; to fight all illegal structures within the state within the framework of the law; to preserve the diversity of our country; to enforce democracy by expanding all freedom spaces, especially freedom of thought and expression; to play a unifying and inclusive role; to abandon rhetoric of hate and marginalizing; and to eliminate terror.

With these expectations and wishes, we hope that the Nov. 1 general election results will be for the good of our country and nation.