‘Homeland’ trolled by Arab grafitti artists hired for set

‘Homeland’ trolled by Arab grafitti artists hired for set

‘Homeland’ trolled by Arab grafitti artists hired for set The latest episode of TV series Homeland has been trolled by a group of graffiti artists employed by its producers, who covered the walls with Arabic slogans mocking the show for its simplistic depiction of Arabs and Islamic beliefs.

“The Arabian Street Artists” collective, which includes painters Heba Amin and Caram Kapp, were invited to cover the Berlin set in authentic graffiti for the most recent episode, set in a refugee camp on the Lebanese/Syrian border, U.K. newspaper The Independent reported. 

Instead, the artists used the platform to write slogans such as “Homeland is racist,” “This show does not represent the views of the artists,” and “Homeland is a joke and it didn’t make us laugh.”

The artists, who worked on the set design for the episode “The Tradition of Hospitality” over three days in June, said they were provoked by the show’s “inaccurate, undifferentiated and highly biased depiction of Arabs, Pakistanis, and Afghans.”

The Arabic script was not checked by producers, they also claimed, saying “the content of what was written on the walls … was of no concern.