HOMA brings innovative ideas to jewelry design

HOMA brings innovative ideas to jewelry design

Melis Alphan ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
HOMA brings innovative ideas to jewelry design

HOMA has put its signature to unparalleled designs each whispering its own story of medieval myths combined with hints of magic hidden in parchments and supernatural creatures.

When it comes to jewelry, we all are accustomed to the luxurious environment and the indulgent way jewels are presented to us, but considering the amount of money one allocates for jewelry, one deserves a few unexpected and splendid surprises. Over the years the jewelry industry has grown quite competitive with innovative product design ideas and sumptuous presentations and displays, urging jewelry brands to endeavor to mesmerize the consumer.

Sometimes the ideas are even more magical than the product itself.

This is what HOMA Jewelry is all about. HOMA Jewelry is a Turkish based fine-jewelry brand with a large, but selective collection of jewelry featuring diamonds and various types of precious stones.
The name HOMA comes from the Hüma bird, which exists in Eastern cultures and is considered to be the bird of heaven which flies atop the skies and never lands. According to the belief, when the bird’s shadow is reflected upon someone while it flies, that person will be brought joy, happiness and prosperity.

The HOMA jewelry boutique is a luxurious experience for all of the shopper’s senses, starting one on a journey to the world of HOMA. The showroom itself has a unique scent which pulls one into a tranquil mood, away from the hectic city life. The showroom is the embodiment of an authentic idea and a detailed project come to life. The boutique’s interior design consists of furniture and décor items from all around the world.

The brand’s collections are inspired from old legends like Arthurian tales, the heroic adventures of the Knight’s Templar as well as some Ottoman stories.

HOMA brings innovative ideas to jewelry design

All pieces in the collections are hand-made and unique due to the brand’s policy of crafting only one piece for each designed item.

Story of medieval myths

HOMA has affixed its signature onto unparalleled designs each whispering it’s own story of medieval myths combined with hints of magic hidden in parchments and supernatural creatures. Steampunk is a trend inspired by Britain’s Victorian era and the American Wild West which embraces retro and futuristic elements of science fiction and fantasy. Following this trend, HOMA has developed an original yet striking decoration with objects collected selectively from different parts of the world. The decorative details allow one to track the traces of the steampunk concept.

The collection encompasses unique pieces with diamonds, sapphires, moonstones and amber, with each stone narrating its own imagined story.

In addition to the collection, HOMA immaculately designs custom pieces for patrons.
HOMA Jewelry is located in the heart of the Nişantaşı shopping district and thanks to its personalized service the brand offers a quality shopping experience for each client in a privileged environment. The private boutique’s atmosphere deserves a visit and guarantees the visitor will feel the distinct quality in every detail. Visits to HOMA’s boutique are by appointment only.