Heroes of Çanakkale in photos

Heroes of Çanakkale in photos

ANKARA – Anadolu Agency
Heroes of Çanakkale in photos Turkey has celebrated the 99th anniversary of March 18 Martyrs’ Day and Dardanelles Naval Victory.

The Turkish General Staff put on display the black and white images of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades during the War of Dardanelles 99 years ago, between April 25, 1915 and Jan. 9, 1916.

Nearly 1 million soldiers fought in the trench warfare of Gallipoli. The allies recorded 55,000 killed in fighting with 10,000 missing and 21,000 who died from disease. Turkish casualties were estimated at around 250,000. The campaign was the first major battle undertaken by Anzac forces and is often considered to be the mark of the birth of national consciousness in both Australia and New Zealand.

April 25 is celebrated every year, as Anzac Day and is the most significant commemorations of military casualties for these countries. Each year, thousands of people – many of them Australian and New Zealanders – travel to the battlefields in northwestern Turkey for Anzac Day to pay their respects to their ancestors who lost their lives on the battlefields of Gallipoli 99 years ago.

The battle is considered a defining moment for Turkish history as well. The struggle laid the grounds for the Turkish War of Independence and the foundation of the Republic of Turkey eight years later under Atatürk.

The photos show the soldiers with weapons in their hands, bags and nylons on their shoulders, while going to one of the most intense battlefields at the time. The journey of these soldiers, which includes the fallen and war veterans, can be seen in photos on display through the Turkish General Staff.