Healthcare workers long for children on Mother’s Day

Healthcare workers long for children on Mother’s Day

ISTANBUL-Anadolu Agency
Healthcare workers long for children on Mother’s Day

Healthcare worker moms marked Mother's Day on May 10 with a heavy heart as they isolated themselves from their children as part of measures against the novel coronavirus.

As millions of people stuck at home and avoid contacting their family members to curb the spread of the virus, health workers continue their devoted fight against the pandemic.

By isolating themselves for the sake of public health, healthcare workers imagine the days when they could hug and kiss their children.

"I have been separated from my children for 7 weeks, I miss them a lot. I've never been apart from them before,” Dr Semiha Çelik Ekinci told Anadolu Agency.

Ekinci, a mother of two, said she sent her children to a safer place and their grandparents are taking care of them.

“I used to cuddle and sleep with them and play games together every night. Now my children are escaping from making video calls with me,” she said, wishing all mothers to hug their children on behalf of her.

Fatma Nihan Akkoç Mustafayev, a mother of one, said she left her child to his grandparents’ place to keep herself isolated together with her husband.

Noting that she can rarely meet with her child, Mustafayev said that the child first thought it was some kind of a game but later he got upset.

Birçin Kılıç, who has recovered from the virus, said that she had to take care of her children when she was being treated.

Noting that her children were not infected by the virus, Kılıç said: “It is a very bad feeling not to touch my children. We are side by side, but I could not kiss and smell them.”