Health workers to postpone resignations, vacations

Health workers to postpone resignations, vacations

Health workers to postpone resignations, vacations

Health workers’ resignation or holiday entitlement appeals will not be accepted amid the fight against COVID-19, Turkey’s Health Minister Fahrettin Koca has stated in a notice sent to 81 provinces across the country

The minister also outlined some rules and exceptions permitted to the health workers in his notice.

“Only health workers who retire due to age will be allowed. Others’ appeals for retirement will be refused,” said in the statement.

Also without considering any excuse, health workers’ appeal for assigning to another health facility will not be accepted, the minister underlined in the notice.

Apart from the legal excuses like marriage, funeral, labor or illness, health workers will not be able to take day-offs.

The minister made an exception for pregnant women. “Pregnant employees will be able to rest between the 24th and 32nd week of their pregnancy as before.”

The employees working in health complexes dealing with radioactivity will only be able to make their legal “one-month vacation” with the permission of their superiors.