Healing thermal water in Istanbul cure for stray animals

Healing thermal water in Istanbul cure for stray animals

ISTANBUL – Anadolu Agency
Healing thermal water in Istanbul cure for stray animals

A local district government in the heart of Istanbul is using its thermal healing waters as veterinary therapy for injured, paralyzed and diseased stray animals.

Hasan Güneş, the head of veterinary affairs at Istanbul’s Esenyurt Municipality, told Anadolu Agency that animals suffering from paralysis or dogs with skin problems, such as mange, are being treated with spa water for the first time in Turkey.

Güneş said the municipality established a veterinary unit and an animal shelter in 2011.

“Our animal shelter is like a five-star hotel and we see ourselves as unique in Turkey,” he said. “Animal rights groups that visit us also tell us we are unique,” said Güneş.

The shelter treats around 250-300 animals every month, Güneş said, adding that its capacity is around 600 stray animals.

As the Esenyurt district on Istanbul’s European side has one of the highest qualities of mineral-rich water in Turkey and indeed Europe overall, Güneş said the municipality uses these healing waters to treat and cure animals.

“Stray animals get physical therapy here,” he said.

“Each day three dogs receive physical therapy and we have seen them benefit from it,” he added.

Pool therapy

A special section and a pool were created for the spa treatment, Güneş said.

According to Güneş, after being washed with a special shampoo in the thermal waters, animals suffering from mange quickly recover.

The shelter also helps people adopt animals whenever possible, he said.

Güneş plans to organize visits to the shelter this spring to give children the opportunity to get closer to the animals.