HDP says it will not take part in any alliance

HDP says it will not take part in any alliance

HDP says it will not take part in any alliance

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) co-chairs have announced the position they will take in the 2023 election, saying they do not aim to take place in any alliances but that they have left an open door for “coming together” with others within their principles for the upcoming elections.

“For the parliamentary elections, under the motto of ‘Democracy Alliance’ and based on an understanding of an alliance of peoples and peace, of women’s solidarity and ecology, we are determined to broaden the ground for collective struggle and to achieve the largest alliance with the social and political opposition and the labor, women’s and youth movements,” according to the statement announced by party co-chairs Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar.

“Apart from this, we clearly emphasize that we do not seek to take part in any alliance,” the statement read.

The “Call for Justice, Democracy and Peace Declaration” said that the HDP wants to change the Presidential Government System and the structures that feed this system. In this context, it is possible to get together in principle in the presidential election is valid for the party because HDP voters “have a key role in the future of the country,” said the statement.

“We believe that it is necessary to discuss principles and methods rather than names, whether from the HDP or another candidate,” the statement said, referring to the issue of potential candidates for presidential elections.

Democratic transformation cannot be achieved through individuals, such transformation will come through negotiations and consensus-building on principles and methods, the HDP said.

The elected president can fulfill his/her role and function properly only on this ground, it added.