Handover ceremonies mark changes in military

Handover ceremonies mark changes in military

Handover ceremonies mark changes in military

Following deliberations by the Supreme Military Council, handover ceremonies have been conducted at the land and air forces commands to formalize the new assignments within the command structure.

The Defense Ministry unveiled that Gen. Musa Avsever, the retired Land Forces commander, transferred his responsibilities to Gen. Selçuk Bayraktaroğlu.

A statement issued by the ministry's social media account conveyed the sentiments of Defense Minister Güler, who was in attendance at the ceremony. Güler extended his well-wishes to Avsever, hoping for his prosperity and contentment in the new phase of life, and wished Bayraktaroğlu success in his new post.

Güler further participated in another handover event, which formally relinquished the responsibilities of Gen. Atilla Gülan, the retired Air Force Commander, to Gen. Ziya Cemal Kadıoğlu.

Subsequently, the minister proceeded to the General Staff headquarters to convey his best wishes to Gen. Metin Gürak, the newly appointed Chief of the General Staff.

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