Grenoble killings suspect surrenders

Grenoble killings suspect surrenders

Grenoble killings suspect surrenders

A tree displays a memorial message which reads: "Kevin and Sofiane - We will never forget you", near the spot where the two youths were slain last Friday, in Echirolles, near Grenoble, October 2, 2012. Reuters photo

One of the two suspects who disappeared after the death of two young victims in Grenoble, southeastern France, has surrendered to police, daily Libération has reported. He has been arrested by the French police, who had already arrested 8 suspects yesterday. One other suspect is still missing. 

It has been revealed that the 18-year-old surrendered suspect had already been punished with 18 months of prison before.

"They say they did nothing, but we believe these people participated directly in the deaths of the two victims," Grenoble prosecutor, Jean-Yves Coquillat, said during a press conference. 

Coquillat said he had chosen the highest qualification for the assassination, and that the killings were planned by suspects who came to the park armed. 

However, the lawyer for two of the eight suspects, Arnaud Levy-Soussan, said this qualification was excessive. "This means that everyone who went to the park will be prosecuted for the killings." he said, adding that there was no evidence in this direction.

Kevin and Sophiane were savagely killed by an armed teen group in a park in Grenoble on Friday.